"Fashion is an integral part of my life" Nathalie Bui, founder of the multi-brand boutique Make my D.

After having worked for many years with her sister the famous stylist Barbara Bui, Nathalie launches herself and opens in 2009 her own boutique of clothes and accessories in the heart of Montmartre, Make my D ... opens its doors !!

From her experience in luxury, she has kept the taste for beautiful materials, cuts, style, but also listening and supporting customers.

Depending on the seasons and Nathalie's favorites, around ten ready-to-wear and accessories brands are represented at Make my D.

Famous names like Schott and Wrangler for the men's corner, but also young confidential brands like Icone Lingerie or Bizance Paris for women.

Make my D offers you trendy, original, quality clothes and accessories at the right price !!

Why Make My D?

Make my D ...

It's Make My Day…!

but also Make my Dress…!

but also Make My Dream…!

but also Make My Desire…!

but also Make My D ...

Originally, it started with the famous expression of Harry Calaggan (aka Clint Eastwood) in Inspector Harry, then the phrase "make my day" came into common parlance to mean "make me happy"! This pretty expression allows English speakers to say of someone or something that they are the little happiness of their day.

So let's bet that this shop brightens up our day every time we visit it !!

Make my D, 7 rue La Vieuville 75018 Paris